Prato Film Festival

8-9-10-11 May 2019


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The submitted programme could change not depending on the proponent, but for reasons of force majeure.

Prato Film Festival is a project dedicated to International Cinema.
This event will be held on 8-9-10-11 May 2019 in Prato.
With this project we intend to create an international event that can give visibility and value to all those talented authors who today represent Cinema. We believe that Prato deserves this uniqueness because here many important people were born, people who honored- and still do it- Italian and international Cinema

Prato Film Festival this year will include both short films and feature films. In fact, there will be three sections of short films in competition: Human Rights, Short Italy and Short World.

The program will also include a selection of feature films , which will be screened not in competition. The Prato Film Festival has always been paying tribute to two great screenwriters of comedy: Piero De Bernardi, born in Prato, and Leo Benvenuti, born in Florence.

Teatro D’Annunzio
Convitto Nazionale Statale Cicognini

Artistic Director: Romeo Conte
Secretariat: Events Production – Prato
Press Office: Carlo Dutto

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